“SHIMODA KAPPOU ENN” was opened in Perry Road in 2014. The road have an atmosphere of EDO period in 1853, Commodore Matthew C Perry arrived in Japan to force the opening of Japanese ports to American trade. Perry Road is known as Commodore Perry walked. We serve the rich local seafood and vegetables of Shimoda in a contemporary KAPPOU(Traditional Japanese way of cooking) style. Our supervisor has had experience as a head chef in Kagurazaka Tokyo for over 5 years. Enn is cozy bar style restaurant and we welcome to the tourists and also local residents.

当店は一般社団法人 下田HOMIEが運営しております。下田HOMIEは、既存の有形・無形資産を存分に生かし下田・伊豆地方の地域活性化活動を目的とした事業を展開しております。


General Incorporated Association SHIMODA HOMIE runs this restaurant. “SHIMODA HOMIE” develops the business aiming regional vitalization activities of Shimoda and Izu district.


下田 ご飯下田 ご飯下田 ご飯